April 2017 Newsletter

On November 1, 2016, Lisa Wanta, Doug Christie and I flew to Ghana again for two weeks. It was good to see our friends again.

2016 August Newsletter

The Kumasi widows have moved to a new building with their machines from the old site.

2016 July Newsletter

God is the provider for this great work finished in Ohaukwu, Nigeria. Water!  There is nothing like good, clean, safe water.

2016 May Newsletter

Pastor Benjamin went to Nigeria on the 30th of March to work with the widows and Pastor Simon.  On the 6th of April, they were able to get the drilling team to drill the well for the remote village people near Enugu in Nigeria.

2016 April Newsletter

An unfortunate lost has happened to Grace Azah.  Charlie (blindman) also has been entered into a school for the blind.  The village of Enugu, Nigeria is in need of a well (borehole).

2016 February Newsletter

Doug and I had a rewarding trip to Africa in January this time.  Read about how God directed us and showed us all He has done in the attached newsletter.

2016 January Newsletter

During our trip, we will be visiting Pastor Francis and Charles Atiogbe (the blind man) in Accra, Ghana.

2015 October Newsletter

One of our widow group members, named Ayaaba, was knocked down by a car about five months ago.

June 2015 Newsletter

The adulteress and tramp?  Is this what she is being used and groomed for?

April 2015 Newsletter

Who stole the Water?

February 2015 Newsletter

To those who helped the blind man, Charlie Atiogbe, “Thank you.”

January 2015 Newsletter

The trip was great; unfortunately, we weren’ able to get a lot of building done.

September 2014 Newsletter

Children are a heritage from God, and they must be treated as pearl jewelry.

August 2014 Newsletter

In a few weeks from now, Doug Christie, Greg Davis and myself will be back in Ghana with Pastor Isaac

July 2014 Newsletter

The recent trip to Ghana was very busy and the time went too fast.  I’ll continue with some of the things that we saw and did on this trip.
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February 2014 Newsletter

Our trip to Ghana, January 10-23, 2014 was an exciting and eventful journey. The Lord was with us all the way during our flights.

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December 2013 Newsletter
We will be taking another trip to Ghana. Joining me on this trip will be
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October 2013 Newsletter
In Ghana, at Pastor Francis’s church, a widow has died—her name was Rebecca
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June 2013 Newsletter
It was a very nice three weeks spent in Africa. I was able to meet a lot of widows and spend time with them for about three days.
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March 2013 Newsletter
On February 11th, I had a welfare meeting with the four most elderly widows, who are also victims of last year’s flood disaster. A sum of $50 USD was given to each of them for food, drugs and general upkeep. After receiving the money, one of hem, who is also childless, started crying.
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Feb 2013 Newsletter
The 2012 widow’s banquet, held on December 8th, was attended by 150 widows. Staple food items like rice, yam and garri were distributed to them. This banquet was remarkable, considering the fact that the ravaging flood that swept across the nation brought hunger to many homes in Nigeria. Some widows came to me after the banquet with tears of joy and said that they lost hope of eating rice this season, if not for this banquet. Praise be to the name of the Lord.
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Dec 2012
Our story for December is about what happened around 6-8 weeks ago. The Niger River overflowed and about 76,000 people near Onitsha were evacuated and lost everything they had.
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Nov 2012
In September, Doug Christie went with me to Africa two weeks. Our first stop was for a week in Accra, Gha visiting two churches led by Pastor Francis Gadasu and Pastor Samuel Okechukwu.
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Sept 2012
I would start by thanking God who gave me the strength to carry this pregnancy for
a complete nine months. It was not easy. I would also like to thank all the people who
in one way or other contributed to the delivery of this baby either by cash, kindness, or giving me words of encouragement and hope.
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June 2012 It has been about six years since the first time I met Nicodemus.
When he came to see me, it was a life-and-death situation. He had a
tumor along his jaw line large enough to the point of cutting off his air
supply, and he was have difficulty eating. Read more about Nicodemus here…

May2012  We’ve got exciting news of what the Lord has done on the new land and answers to prayers by many. We’ve also got some pictures of a new toilet at the school. There are some very urgent needs that we present before you also. Read More…

April 2012
In this newsletter you can read about the March 2012 trip to Nigeria. Included is an update about how Nicodemus has grown into a young man going to Bible School. The corner markers for the land have been put place, to secure the property. Along with Bibles for teachers, and the monthly from the Desk of Reverend John report.Read More…

March 2012  In this newsletter you will read of the heartbreak and joy of a woman and yet all was gone.  We have the success story of a widow with the cataract surgery.  You can read the notes from Rev. John’s desk and about the upcoming March 13, 2012 trip that Doug Christie and Roy Wanta will be going on. Read More…

February 2012  Education was one of our first priorities in Okpoko, Nigeria and the journey of many miles began with the faith of the Lord.  There was also a young woman that was pregnant that felt like there was no hope to life.  Read More…

December 2011
Pastor Steve Grunwald, Pastor Janice Kuder and Roy Wanta’s trip. There was a widow’s banquet, a new sewing machine purchased, a new toilet constructed and details of our November trip.  Read more…

November 2011  

Greg Davis, Doug Christie, Roy Wanta trip, the children fo Onitsha, the teachers and the banquet.  Read more…

August 2011

A letter from Rev. John and his wife Ginika and their desires.  Read more…