Existing Projects

• Education Centre

As of now ‘I Am’ would like to continue to help the ‘I Am’ Educational Center for the children.  The children do not have any doors or windows for the school.  In the summer it is extremely bad with malaria infectious mosquitoes.  We are trying to keep the teachers there by helping with their salary.  At times the teachers had not received a salary for 2 or 3 months at a time.
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Secuity Walls

We need to start a wall that goes around our property.  It is important that these walls are put up for the protection of the children so that there is no child trafficking, also for other security reasons so then we can start the new school, put in the well and etc.
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Medical Assistance

There is a need for medical assistance for the widows and other people that have serious illnesses, which we would like to relieve them of their pain, weakness and give them sight. Our Free medical projects are so helpful and rewarding.  Donate Now

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Nicodemus’s Story
Charlie’s Story

Widows Banquet

We are still trying to raise funds for the end of the year to feed the widows at least once a year in December.  In December we had 127 widows and this coming December we could possibly have 300.  As of now we give them rice, gari, and yams to help feed them and their children.  The plight of widows in Nigeria is heart breaking, not only the trauma of their husbands death, but the discrimination, deprivations and other degrading treatments that go on there.  They are in a category of the unheard and forgotten and no other group has suffered as these women have.  Lend an ear and please listen to their cry for care and welfare.  If we keep them alive we have fewer orphans.

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• Grinding Machine

We would like to purchase a casava or corn grinding machine and put it in a building for the widows .  This machine would cost a range of $800 to $1000.  The widows would be able to use it and then sell their product in the markets. Donate Now

• Container

We want to ship a container with school supplies and food making equipment for baking and also carpentry tools.  Also we would like to collect operable sewing machines for the sewing center to create more valuable jobs and employ more women. Donate Now


We would like to ship a vehicle that was donated that would be very useful for building the school at the purchased property.  This would be useful in hauling supplies and blocks to the site.   Donate Now

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