1. “My name is Deaconess Elizabeth Obasi. I am a food vendor. When I returned early this year from Christmas celebration, I had no money to start my business for the year. I was worried and didn’t know what to do. One Sunday, our daddy in the Lord Rev. John Ani announced that all women should wait after service. In the meeting, he told us that “I AM” world mission outreach USA through its president Roy L. Wanta, sent money as loan for poverty alleviation. I am one of the beneficiaries. Praise God I was given $200 US dollars. And with that I started my business again for the year. I am happy. I thank God and I thank “I AM” partners.”

2. “My name is Mrs. Rose Igwe. I am a widow. One of my children took ill. I took him to many hospitals and at a time all my money finished as I was not doing any business within the period and because of this situation, I owed my landlady house rent for a period of six months totaling $600 US dollars. My landlady served me an eviction notice from the court one night and I could not sleep. Therefore early in the morning, I ran to the house of Rev. John Ani our daddy in the lord. My aim was to receive counseling and prayer. He did pray and advised me. The next day he called me and told me that he has presented my need to Roy L. Wanta the president of “I Am” and to see if he could help me. After one week, Rev. John came and met my landlady and paid her the house rent. Thank God for Rev. John, Roy L. Wanta and “I AM” partners in USA.”

PRAYER ANSWERED: Some years ago, Roy L. Wanta, the president of “I AM WORLD MISSION OUTREACH” Wisconsin, USA, visited our church and other missionaries from the USA.  They saw our needs and problems in this area the way I saw it. The Lord provoked passion in him.  And when he returned to the USA he called and said to me, “Rev. John, the Lord has given me a burden to work with you in providing succor to the people in your area.  Can you represent “I Am” in Nigeria? I obliged, and since then I have been working with him as “I AM” representative in Nigeria and Africa.  “I AM” represent my dreams, desires, and heart-throb.  God is faithful.  Praise His holy name, Amen.  Rev. John Ani